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UPCOMING Tues 4/10: Major, Minors, Mishaps, and Miracles (again!)


UPCOMING Tues 2/7: Majors, Minors, Mishaps, and Miracles (continued!)

You thought we were finished last week, right? WRONG.

Tuesday, February 7
7 – 8:30pm
One Wheelock (Collis)

Join a panel of seniors (i.e. DOSCs) as they discuss lessons learned along the way.
Featuring:  Jesse Gomez (Neuroscience), Kayasha Lyons (History), Afia Owusu Obeng (Medical Anthropology), Jihan Ryu (Biology), Angela Zhang (Geography).

The first program in this series, Values, Majors, and Careers:  Connecting Personal Passion to Academics and Life After Dartmouth is available as a PowerPoint.

Program series sponsored by the Undergraduate Deans Office.

Ask the DOSCs: Academic Passions and Majors

A lot of sophomores right now are thinking about what major (or majors, or minors, or modified majors, or entirely new majors) they want to declare, and it’s also not far off many freshmen’s minds either. But the truth is, the process of finding a major can often start far earlier than that, and more often than not it’s more of a question of finding what you’re truly interested in. The major, hopefully, should fall in line with that – but not always. Sometimes the major isn’t a perfect fit with what we’re interested in, but it’s possible to work around that. With this in mind, we asked the DOSCs how they found what they truly loved to do, and how it fits with their majors.

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UPCOMING Tues 1/28: Majors, Minors, Mishaps, and Miracles