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ASK THE DOSCs: An Introduction to Late Night Snacking 101

In light of the busy midterm week that is THIS WEEK, we gathered some thoughts on what to eat and how to eat during crunch time. Pick up some tips/insights into the art of late-night snacking.

Jina says:

I’ve heard that eating an apple wakes you up better than a cup of coffee. Sugary stuff late at night really slows me down even though I’m craving the junkiest of junk food. Diet soda does a pretty good job of keeping me on task.

Caitlin says:

I’m a big fan of the free tea and coffee in One Wheelock- nothing beats study stress like free stuff!

Rachel says:

I am a huge stress-eater and late-night-snacker. I try to keep it healthy (cheese sticks, carrots, hummus, etc.), but usually, if I make it to Late Night, I grab a mozz stick or two and sometimes taste the pasta option.

Chinedu says:

My new favorite healthy snack is bananas with peanut butter on top. It’s sweet and salty goodnes!

Jihan says:

I resist my urge to eat food at night as much as possible if i have an exam next morning, because that would just upset my stomach badly in the morning. on the other hand, if i have a paper to push through overnight and if i’m nowhere to be done with it yet, i unleash my wild love for greasy food like steak queso, onion rings, and chicken wings. by the way, late night hop is open til 12:30am every night!

Angela says:

Probably not good advice to take, but lots of sugar and caffeine from KAF and Novack.

Maryam says:

Sour patch kids and smoothies which have glucose to feed the brain.