UPCOMING 5/23: WGST Spring Colloquium

Women’s and Gender Studies Spring Colloquium
6 Students Share their Interdisciplinary and International Living and Learning Experiences!
Wednesday, 5/23
4:30pm, Haldeman 041

Acts of Violence–Acts of Empowerment

Andrea Jaresova ’12 – “‘Let the Old Traditions Fail’: How understanding the history of male traditions at Dartmouth can help us create the best strategies to prevent campus sexual assault” (Honors Thesis)
Stella Safari ’13 – “Politics and Representations of Sexual Violence in Democratic Republic of Congo”
Leah Feiger ’14 – “Sustainable Community Empowerment in a Post-Colonial and Gendered World”

Bodies and the State

Emily LaFond ’12 – “Queering Relationships Between Subjects and State” (Honors Thesis)
Nell Pierce ’13 – “Telling Stories in a Chilean Women’s Prison”
Javed Jaghai ’12 – “(Re)presenting the Realities of Gay Jamaicans: Identity, Community Formation, and Activism (1970-2012)

For more information, contact WGSTP


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