Senior Thesis Presentations: May 15 – June 4

The DOSCs are gathering all the information they can on senior thesis topics and have compiled a schedule that includes date, time, and location. All of these are open to the public, so if any of the topics strike your fancy, feel free to drop by and celebrate our beloved seniors’ hard work over the past year! We’ll also be editing it as we get more information.

Read on for the complete schedule.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Tuesday, May 15th

Biology‐ 1:00- 3:00. 201 Life Sciences Center.

Jocelyn Drexinger: Evaluating a Novel Combination Drug Treatment’s Efficacy against P. aeruginosa Biofilms on Cystic Fibrosis Human Airway Cells

Christina Wray: The Role of Id2 and Hey1 in Oligodendrocyte Differentiation and Tumorigenesis

 Anthropology‐ 2:30‐ 5:35. 317 Silsby Hall.

Arielle Cannon: Ancient Histories, New Identities: (Re)Construction of Afro‐Venezuelan Identity in Contemporary Venezuela

Christian Brandt: Supply, Demand, and Citizenship: Negotiating Effective Social Service at a Food Delivery Program for the Homeless in Copenhagen, Denmark

Alexandra Rahmann: Beauty, Fertility and Anxiety: Societal Roles of Yemenite Jewish Women as Reflected in the Traditional Bride’s Costume and Jewelry

Jennifer Koester: Voluntourism: Mediating Interactions with the “Other”

Manisha Apte: Authoritative Knowledge and Prenatal Care in Southern Rural Gujarat, India

Stefanie Lazow: Communicative Complexity in the Gelada Facial Display Repertoire

Sanja Miklin: Cujo in the family: The experience of owning an aggressive dog in the contemporary United States

 Studio Art‐ 4:30 pm. Jaffe‐Friede and Strauss Galleries.

Senior majors gallery opening

 *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Wednesday, May 16th

 English (Creative Writing) 4:00 pm. Wren Poetry Room, Sanborn Library.

Michael Gillis: Roger Weary and the Dreaming Lessons

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

 Thursday, May 17th

 Chemistry 10:30 am. 007 Steele Hall.

Stephen W. R. Dunbar: Molecular Imprinting of Carbon Nanotubes using Poly(vinylpyrrolidone) and Cotinine

Michael Funaro: Molecular Interactions between Sodium Alginate and Enzymes and their Functional Implications

Rebecca J. Rapf: Thermodynamics of Toxic Metal Ions Binding to the Zinc Finger Peptide, GRDBD

Jason R. Toffey: Redox‐Linked Axial Ligand Substitution in the Phe82His Variant of Yeast Iso‐1‐ cytochrome c

Biology‐ 2 pm. 201 Life Sciences Center.

Benjamin Waller: SNAP‐tag as a Tool for Molecular Localization in C. Thermocellum: Exchange of Type II Dockerin‐Containing Subunits at the Cell Surface

 Geography‐ 3 pm. Fairchild 008.

Rob Szypko: Discourses of Difference: Graffiti in Paris, France

 LALACS‐ 4‐6 p.m. 1930’s room, Rocky.

Jessica U. Reyes: Public Health and Sex Tourism in Salvador, Brazil

Ariana K. Van Renwick: The Ex‐ESMA Museum: Memory as Justice in Post‐dictatorial Argentina

 Native American Studies 4‐5:30pm. Occom Commons.

Blythe George: Native American academic performance in the state of California

Javed Jaghai: Queer identity in Jamaica

 *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

 Friday, May 18th

 Biology‐ 201, Life Sciences Center.

12:30 pm‐ Jessica Dong: Characterizing the Impact of Structure on the G0/G1 Switch Gene 2 (G0S2) Exogenous Gene Transcriptional Repression Function

1:30 pm‐ Yingna Liu: Propentofylline’s Action on Microglia and CNS‐1 Cells is Related to Glial Modulation and Not its Chemical Methyl Xanthine Structure

3:30 pm‐ Phillip Grisdela: Investigating Centriole Function in Intestinal Development of C. elegans

 English (Creative Writing) Time TBA. Sanborn Library.

Patricia Lee: Title TBA

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Monday, May 21st

 Biology‐ 201 Life Sciences Center.

12:30 pm‐ Jason Tong: Qualifying the Effects on Cell Viability of Prostatic Cancer Cells Following Stimulation and Inhibition of the NMDA Receptor

1:30 pm‐ Victoria Yu: A Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Serine/Threonine Kinase PknB Targets in Community acquired Methicillin‐resistant Staphylococcus aureus

2:30 pm‐ Nathan Wong: Checkpoint Pathways as Therapeutic Targets for Pancreatic Cancer

3:30 pm‐ Michael Randall: Subcellular Localization of Wnt Signaling Regulator Axin in Drosophila melanogaster

 Geography‐ 3 pm, Fairchild 008.

Angela Zhang: Moral and Imagined Geographies of Food Processing Companies: Investigating the Ideological Role of CSR Reports

 Asian and Middle Eastern Studies 3‐5 pm. Rocky 003.

Anna Lynn Doster: Buddhist Narrative at Labrang Monastery: Scenes from Xiyouji

Wonik Jang: Realistic Visionary: Homer Hulbert ‘1884 and his understanding of Independence and Sovereignty

Hikaru Yamagishi: Commemorating the Battle of Okinawa: Identity, Memory and War Responsibility

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

 Tuesday, May 22nd

 Psychology‐ Moore Library

11am‐ Nora Kim: Title TBA

2pm‐ Jesse Gomez: Title TBA

Biology‐ 201 Life Sciences Center.

1 pm‐ Elizabeth Parker: Comparing Direct and Indirect Estimates of Dispersal in an Island Lizard (Anolis sagrei)

2 pm‐ Megan Johnson: Regulation of Axin and Tankyrase by RNF146 in Drosophila melanogaster Wnt Signaling

3 pm‐ Pratyaksh Srivastava: Identifying HS3ST1 Mutations Associated with Coronary Artery Disease

4 pm‐ Suzanne Kelson: Influence of Hatchery Stocking and Life History on the Genetic Structure of Brook Trout in a River System

 Asian and Middle Eastern Studies‐ 3:40‐ 6:15 pm. Rocky 003.

Anibal Yanez Hinojosa: The Japan‐Chile Economic Partnership Agreement: A Case Study of Japanese Trade Policy

Katherine Gonzalez: Overlooked Revolutionaries: Women’s Roles and Identities in the Rebuilding of Algeria and Palestine

Jyotsna Ghosh: Language of Eternal Question, Language of Eternal Silence: Apotheosis and Affliction in Bengali Cinema

Eric Olson: Refugees without Refuge: A Study of 3 Refugee Populations in Egypt

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

 Wednesday, May 23rd

 Education‐ 3‐5 pm. Moore Hall.

Rebecca Gotlieb: Gender, Race, and Class Based Stereotype Threat: The Effects of Multiple Stigmatized Aspects of Identity on Math Performance and Working Memory

Sociology‐ 4 pm. 1930s room, Rocky.

Orli Kleiner: Selling the Game: The Economic Sociology of Advertising in Baseball

Georgino Hyppolite: More Black Ivy Leaguers, But There’s a ‘Kind’? Oppositional Culture Theory and Group Attachment of High‐Achieving Black Students

Biology‐ 4 pm. 201 Life Sciences Center.

Jennifer Liu: What is the Biological Significance of TGFb‐mediated Regulation of p63?

Theater‐ 4‐6 pm. Bentley Theater

Stew Towle: The American Bard Project (1855): A Participatory Performance Experiment based on Walt Whitman’s first publication of Leaves of Grass)

Women’s and Gender Studies‐ 4:15 pm. Location TBA.

Andrea Jaresova: Let the old traditions fail: How understanding the history of male traditions at Dartmouth can help us create the best strategies to prevent campus sexual assault.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

 Thursday, May 24th

 Chemistry 10:30 am. 007 Steele Hall

Christopher R. D. Valleau: Synthesis of the Chiral Triphosphine Heliphos and of Copper Complexes

Elise B. Wilkes: Synthesis and Characterization of Benzylcyclopentadienyl lithium Derivatives

John H. Zeiter Jr.: Synthesis of Potential Biofilm Inhibitors

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

 Friday, May 25th

 Biology‐ 201 Life Sciences Center.

12:30 pm‐ Zachary ClareSalzler: Field Estimates of Natural and Sexual Selection in an Island Lizard Population

1:30 pm‐ F. Charles Governali: Climatic Effects on the Population Dynamics of an Outbreaking Forest Insect Pest and its Primary Predator

2:30 pm‐ Jonathan Dalton: Structural Characterization of ToxT, the Master Regulator of Cholera Virulence

 Mathematics and Social Sciences‐ 3 pm‐ 1930s room. Rocky.

Ki Hyun Kim: Preference Formation and Female Labor Force Dynamics in Japan

 Linguistics and Cognitive Science‐ 3‐6 pm. Reed Hall 104.

Kenneth Baclawski: Deictic Elements in Hyow Kuki‐Chin

Zachary De: Linguistics and the Politics of Desire: A Sociophonetic Study of Language and Sexuality

Kayla Gebeck: Traditional Subsistence Practices: An Interactive Method for Cultural Education and Natural Language Acquisition

Elizabeth Salesky: A Current Analysis of Unsupervised Morphological Induction Models

Natalie Schrimpf: An Acoustic Sociophonetic Analysis of Middle Tennessee English Dialect Features Across Different Social Groups

Anna Niedbala: Immersion vs. Instruction: Testing the Acquisition of Native‐Like Language Ability in College Students of German

 Environmental Science‐ 3‐5 pm. Fairchild 101.

Brian Bosche: Measuring the Success of Citizen Science Programs in Conservation, Community, and Policy

Chris Randall: A Comparative Analysis of State Dam Removal Policies in New England

Sam Ross: Soil Carbon Dynamics & Carbon Markets with Emissions Offsets: The Case of New England Hardwood Forests

Giulia Siccardo: Thriving & Green: Synergies in Sustainability and Profitability

Jenny Thapa: Community Forestry in Nepal: Challenges and Ways Forward

Christina Whittaker: Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Development in Monteverde, Costa Rica

 Art History‐ 3:30 pm. Carpenter 201C.

Elizabeth Doe: John Singer Sargent’s Escapism: Theatricality and the Exotic in his Early Figural Paintings

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Tuesday, May 29th

 Mathematics‐ 2:00 pm. Kemeny 004

Names/Titles TBA

 Religion‐ 4 pm. Paganucci Lounge in ’53 Commons.

Timothy Koeth: Ethics and Morality in Kurt Vonnegut’s Novels

Isabel Murray: Christian Love and the Pseudonymous Method: An Exploration of the Theological Import Of Snilren Kierkegaard’s Theory of Communication

Kurt Prescott: From Dan to Beersheba: Sacred Space in Ancient Israel

 Earth Science‐ 6‐8 pm. Location TBA.

Hannah Baranes: TBA

Julia Kelson: TBA

Laura Hempel: TBA

Carl Symcox: TBA

 Engineering‐ TBA. TBA

Martha Boylston: Mechanism of Iron Oxide Nanoparticle‐AMF Cytotoxicity

Nathaniel Brakeley: Wind Turbine Outreach

Amber Bryant: Comparison Imaging of Molecular Delivery to Tumors

Natalie Burkhard: Modeling, Analysis, and Methodology: Knee Implants

Andrew Ceballos: Quantum Image Sensor

Stephanie Crocker: The Effect of Shading on the Power Output of PV Panels

Wiley DunlapShohl: Modeling Proton Precipitation in the LFM Global MHD Simulation

Alexander Engler: Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Vitamin E Addition to Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Using Equal Channel Angular Extrusion

Brenna Gibbons: Nano‐material Scavenging of Reactive Oxygen Species for Increased Chloroplast Lifetimes

Akwugo Nnama: The Reasons for Lack of Electricity in Rural Africa and the Possible Solutions to this Problem

Eric Packer: Equal Chanel Angular Extrusion of Polyethylene with Carbon Nanoparticle Additive

Bernard Roesler: Design of Implantable Analog and Digital Electronics for Deep Brain Stimulation

Leanna Saunders: Conductive Polymers for application in Head Simulator for EEG Testing

David Seliger: To Serve & Protect, by Design: A Human‐centered Systems Redesign of Police Department Services, Operations, and Procedures

Alison StaceNaughton: Human Head Phantom for Generation of Realistic EEG Signals

Aravind Viswanathan: Surgical Resection and Quantification of Fluorescently Labeled Affibodies Present in Tumors

Frances Wang: Optimization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Function in the Detection of Poaching

Andrew Wong: Self‐Assembling Sunlight‐Trapping Nanostructure

Grayson Zulauf: Increasing Nanoparticle Diffusivity in vivo with a Magnetic Field Gradient

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

 Monday, June 4th

Engineering Sciences TBA. TBA.

Christopher Zarbock: Optimizing Homologous recombination in Thermoanerobacterium saccharolyticum

 English- TBA. TBA.

Nick Farruggia: Early Pynchon and Temporality


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