ASK THE DOSCs: Who’s helped shape your Dartmouth experience?

It’s hard to believe, but we ’12s have only a little over a month left before we walk at Commencement. Last week, Dean Remy offered us graduating seniors some advice on saying our thanks and goodbyes before we leave. On that note, some of the DOSCs offer a public shout-out to the people who have helped shape their Dartmouth experience, and express their thanks.

Jingna says:

I would like to thank Dean Remy, Sarah Berger, and the nurses at Dick’s House. Dean Remy was understanding when I was going through a tough time at Dartmouth and gave me the opportunity to take a breath before making some important decisions. As a premed, school is just tough and everything can feel like a competition that you’re constantly losing. Sarah has been so kind and understanding, and I’ll never forget that one hug when I needed it the most! The nurses at Dick’s House served as living encouragement and reinforcement for my pursuit of a medical career. They are exactly the type of health care provider I want to be–compassionate, considerate, and truly caring. And also Nora Yasamura – she has done so much for me and the Asian and Latina community at Dartmouth, and her leaving has been a huge, palpable blow to us in these communities. I know she has fought for us, stood up for students, and really cared about our well being as an OPAL adviser.

Alicia says:

My pre-dental adviser Dr. Robert Keene has played a crucial role in shaping my Dartmouth experience. Since our meeting at the Pre-Health Orientation in September 2008, Dr. Keene has been a valuable mentor to me and also become a family friend. Having an adviser who is more than willing to listen to your concerns and offer advice is such an incredible resource, and I know that I have been able to stay committed to the pre-dental track because of his guidance. 

I have also met phenomenal faculty during my time at Dartmouth, but two professors who stand out are Julie Kalish (Institute for Writing and Rhetoric) and Rebecca Biron (Spanish and Portuguese), with whom I took Writing 5 and my Freshman Seminar, respectively. Writing had been one of my strengths in high school, but the courses definitely advanced my abilities to the college level and, more importantly, interacting with Professors Kalish and Biron helped me realize the value of office hours early on in my Dartmouth career. We would always start by discussing my papers, but then move on to “life” topics completely unrelated to academics, and those conversations turned out to be just as educational as the lectures themselves. My experience in the Writing Program inspired me to apply to RWIT, which stands as one of my favorite extra-curricular involvements to this day.
Angela says:
I’d like to thank all my professors who have inspired me here at Dartmouth, particularly Professor Susanne Freidberg, who really instilled my love for geography and been so patient with me in guiding me with my research. Also, my supervisors at the Academic Skills Center and the GLOS Office for being really phenomenal people and really amazing to work with. I also want to express my gratitude my parents, friends, and siblings at Alpha Theta who have been supportive and helpful to me throughout my college experience. And finally, all the people whose kindness have really helped me out but of whom I can only name a few (like my dean who helped me through a rough roommate situation). I know I couldn’t have done it without all of them, and I can’t thank them enough.
Caitlin says:
I want to thank my teammates, the varsity swimming and diving team. They have spent a lot of time with me, both in and out of the pool and been great friends to me for the past 4 years. Older members were role models and peer advisers to me when I was a freshman and sophomore and I have been lucky enough to “pay it forward” and help out the younger members of the team these past two years. My Dartmouth experience would not be the same without these wonderful people.
Maryam says:
Professors, roommates, friends, college staff I’ve worked with on extracurriculars, the really friendly people who work at DDS.
Si Jie says:
I would like to thank Hafiz Shabazz, the director of the World Music Percussion Ensemble for making the ensemble my home at Dartmouth. Not only does he taught me about the rhythms of the world, he taught me about life. I am blessed to be able to jam with the group since my freshmen fall. Along with that, I made life long friends and  recruited friends into the group, and they have been with me through ups and downs. My International community that includes my writing professor for 4 terms Karen Gocsik, International Students Program director at OPAL  Steve Silver and the amazing international students, their support and encouragement has made Dartmouth a very warm and understanding place. We fought our uniqueness against a ‘typical’ Dartmouth stream of consciousness: we laughed and cried together, and we held our heads up high at the end of the day no matter how strong the current are coming against us. I thank the professors who applauded my efforts regardless of how well I do in class, who genuinely care and are interested in me and my intellectual curiosities and do whatever they can to support me. I would like to especially thank my close close friends, I thank them for listening, sharing, and loving no matter how different we are and how different our future will lead us. 

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