Take a Faculty Member to Breakfast or Lunch Program

Take a Faculty Member to Breakfast or Lunch! Want to request a voucher?

Email the Undergraduate Deans Office or call us at 603.646-2243.

One meal per student per academic year!

The Undergraduate Deans Office is very pleased to be sponsoring the extremely popular Take a Faculty Member to Breakfast or Lunch program.

This program is designed to encourage students and teaching faculty to have substantive one-to-one conversations outside of class, engaging around topics of academic interests, future studies and general life experiences.

To ensure the success of this wonderful program and to allow as many students as possible to take advantage of it, the following procedures have been established:


  • For students and faculty only (not for use with a coach, CD, administrator, TA … )
  • Designed for one-to-one meetings, not for groups of students or groups of faculty.
  • Vouchers will be valid at Class of 1953 Commons for breakfast or lunch.
  • The student and the faculty member will each receive a voucher, good for one meal.
  • Decide on a date with your faculty member before requesting vouchers.
  • You can utilize the program once per academic year (fall through end of summer term).
  • Vouchers must be used within defined time frame.

How Does a Student Request a Voucher?

  • Email the Undergraduate Deans Office and include:
    • Full name of lunch attendees (student and faculty member)
    • Anticipated lunch date – make sure you contact faculty member before you get vouchers!
  • We will send you an email when your vouchers are ready, telling you to pick them up at Baker Library, Suite 224 (between 8am and 4:30pm, M – F).
  • You must pick-up vouchers 2 business days prior to the lunch/breakfast.
  • The vouchers are good for 48 hours only.

A Few Recommendations …

  • Contact faculty member prior to requesting vouchers.
  • Check the hours of operation for Class of 1953 Commons.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with faculty and enjoy!

Some Fine Print

  • The vouchers you receive are good for one meal only and cannot be used for multiple meals.
  • If you will be unable to use your vouchers, please contact the Undergraduate Deans Office immediately.

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