ASK THE DOSCs: Talk About Your Favorite Profs

Meeting new professors and building relationships with them are undeniably valuable academic/personal experiences one can have. Because of its relatively small faculty (who ACTUALLY teach classes)-student-ratio, Dartmouth allows undergraduate students to easily engage in meaningful conversations with profs both inside and outside the classroom. Here are what some of our DOSCs have to say about their favorite professors at Dartmouth, how they met them, and WHY they like them.

Caitlin says:

Although I’ve enjoyed many of my classes, the two professors who stand out most for me are Professor Kull in the Chemistry department and Professor Robinson in the Psych/Neuroscience department. Full disclosure: I’m a pre-med psych major so these weren’t classes I took for fun, but these professors made their classes fantastic. Kull taught me Biological Chemistry (Chem 41) and managed to unify a large body of material-concepts from chem 5, 6, 51 and 52, bio 12 and 13 and physics 3 and 4, into one cohesive survey course of biochemistry. It was the first “pre-med” class I really liked. Professor Robinson taught my senior seminar on Addiction. The subject is cool and Robinson made it very real for us while teaching us about the neurobiology of addiction. Professor Robinson also included many different teaching tools and assessments in the class so I never got bored, even though it was a 10A.

Jesse says:

Although I’m a neuroscience professor, one of my favorite professors was Amy Gladfelter from the Biology department. She taught cellular biology, more lovingly known as Bio 12 for our  premed friends. She was incredibly enthusiastic about the material and taught with such endearing energy that I couldn’t help but recall the same sense of excitement you’d get when your middle school science teacher would put on a VHS Bill Nye episode. It’s very rare to find someone as intelligent and kind as she. If you have to take Bio 12 for whatever reason, wait until Amy Gladfelter is teaching it. I guarantee it’ll be one of the best Dartmouth teaching experiences you’ll have.

Si Jie says:

My favorite Prof is Karen Gocsik from the Writing Department.

Since freshmen fall, I have taken 4 classes with Karen and thoroughly enjoying her friendship in and outside of the classroom. She’s insightful about life, ideas and writing, which is important to us in whatever career we are pursuing. Take a class with Karen, and you will become friends of a lifetime!

Alicia says:

John Rassias of the French and Italian department is one of my favorite professors at Dartmouth. He is the developer of the Rassias Method, originally created to train volunteers in the Peace Corps and also used for the College’s language drills. Taking French 40 (“From Page to Stage: The Greeks Invade the French Theater”) with him was an experience of its own. We were energetic (difficult for 2 o’clock in the afternoon), engaged, and inspired during every class. He is also extremely kind and personable, and I would recommend every French student to enroll in a class of his before graduating.

Have questions about how to approach profs outside of classroom? Ask any of our DOSCs!


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