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Ask the DOSCs: What to Do During Freshman Summer

So it’s about the time of year when we start planning ahead for the summer. For sophomores, it’s usually a given – staying in Hanover! But how about freshman summer? We asked the DOSCs what they did their freshman summer, to give you an idea about the various things that people do, whether it’s relaxing at home or scoring some sweet research opportunities.

Jingna says: “I took organic chemistry at Harvard. This option allowed me to get both credits that I needed for orgo in one term. I’m glad I did it because I was able to just concentrate on orgo without other classes or extracurricular activities to worry about. It was definitely intense, but it felt kinda like I was back in high school. We had class or lab for half the day and exams every week. Other schools also offer a speed course in orgo like this, but I loved being in Boston.”

Angela says: “I was pretty uncertain about my major and I was pre-med at the time. I didn’t want to go home and I didn’t really know what I was interested in, so I wound up staying at Dartmouth over freshman summer and taking classes – namely, Biology 13 (Genetics), Biology 14 (Physiology), and Digital Game Studies. I learned fairly quickly that 8 hours of lab a week was not for me, and it pretty thoroughly convinced me that I was not as interested in Biology as I thought and that pre-med is also not what I’m interested in. It was one of those things where you find out you don’t like a subject, but you have to take it to find that out. On the other hand, I made some great friends and I got to explore my interest in video games academically (totally recommend Digital Game Studies for anyone who’s at all interested in video games). Plus, Hanover during the summer is totally gorgeous.”

Jihan says: “I worked at a human neurogenetics lab at National Institute of Health on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, making DNA libraries from ethanol-treated neural stem cells. The laboratory was within the walking distance of my home – so I didn’t spend money or time wasting on transportation and food, which really helped my financial situation. In many ways, it was my first REAL laboratory experience, where I had a chance to plan the experiment, order the needed materials, do the experiment, troubleshoot, repeat the last two steps infinitely, and finally make a poster and have it presented to others at the end of the summer. Rumor has it that research experience can be a ‘hit or miss experience’ for pre-med students. For me, thankfully, it was a hit, and really helped me appreciate the art of scientific investigation and the reality therein. I would have not had my first year summer experience in any other way. To find more about what I did, check

Caitlin says: “I worked as a lifeguard freshman summer. It was a good experience; I made money and got to hang out at home with my friends. The best part was I got a tan while working.”

Akwugo says: “I worked as a fiber optics research assistant with Professor Elsa Garmire. It was a very enlightening and rewarding experience. It was definitely a good way to begin my major. It is never too early to start researching!!!”


ASK THE DOSCs: Managing Stress During Midterms

Unfortunately at Dartmouth it can feel like once your midterms start, they just never stop until finals are over. As many a Dartmouth student will tell you, the 10-week term (or 9 weeks, in the case of winter) goes by at breakneck speed. So, as one can imagine, knowing how to manage your stress and not burning out are incredibly important. Some DOSCs share their tips on how to manage their stress. However, keep in mind that not all these tips will work for everyone, and it’s important to find out what works best for you.

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UPCOMING Sat 2/18: Thesis Therapy!

Hey 12s!

Are you stressed about working on your thesis?

Do you wish that your could take a break to talk with other thesis-completing students?

Do you like ice cream and pie?

Well, now’s your chance! Don’t miss Thesis Therapy, a time and space for seniors who are completing thesis to hang out while snacking on some delicious treats. Stop by the first “session” this Saturday (2/18) from 3-5 pm in the living room of Casque and Gauntlet. Lou’s pie and ice cream will be served!

We hope to see you there!


UPCOMING Tues 2/7: Majors, Minors, Mishaps, and Miracles (continued!)

You thought we were finished last week, right? WRONG.

Tuesday, February 7
7 – 8:30pm
One Wheelock (Collis)

Join a panel of seniors (i.e. DOSCs) as they discuss lessons learned along the way.
Featuring:  Jesse Gomez (Neuroscience), Kayasha Lyons (History), Afia Owusu Obeng (Medical Anthropology), Jihan Ryu (Biology), Angela Zhang (Geography).

The first program in this series, Values, Majors, and Careers:  Connecting Personal Passion to Academics and Life After Dartmouth is available as a PowerPoint.

Program series sponsored by the Undergraduate Deans Office.

UPCOMING Tues 2/7: Love Your Leave Term!

LOVE YOUR LEAVE TERM is this Tuesday in Collis Commonground at 12:15. There’ll be tons of really neat things, such as a chance to win roundtrip airline tickets for 2 to NYC! (I know, right?!)

12:15 – 1:15 PM STUDENT PANELISTS:  Meet students who have had incredible Leave Terms and find out how to get one for yourself! Student panelists will describe the opportunities they enjoyed and how they obtained them.
1:15 – 5:00 PM CASUAL MEET & MINGLE:  Mingle with your DOSCs and Career Services Staff any time during the afternoon. Get introduced to a variety of campus resources offering a vast array of Leave Term experiences.
Plus, here are the panelists who are going to be speaking (including some of our very own DOSCs!):

Charlyn Brea ‘12
Theater Major, Linguistics Minor
11S: The Play Group Theatre – Administrative and Production Intern

Colleen O’Grady ‘12
Education & Economics Major
11X: New England Center for Children – Intern
10W: Cross Cultural Solutions in Costa Rica – Volunteer

Kate Sullivan ‘13
Psychology & English Major
Leave Term: 11X
NYC Media – Intern for Director of On-Air Promotions
TimeOut NY – Editorial Intern

Yuxiang Zhou ‘12
Government: Middle Eastern Politics Major
11X: Barclays Capital  – Investment Banking Summer Analyst
10X: UBS – Investment Banking Insights Program;  Macquarie – Investment Banking Summer Analyst

Marietta Smith ‘12
Neuroscience Major
10F:  Volunteer for 6 weeks in Ethiopia with a NGO called The Selamta Project as a Tucker/C.R.O.S.S. Fellow
11S:  Intern at Parker Executive Search Firm

Ask the DOSCs: Academic Passions and Majors

A lot of sophomores right now are thinking about what major (or majors, or minors, or modified majors, or entirely new majors) they want to declare, and it’s also not far off many freshmen’s minds either. But the truth is, the process of finding a major can often start far earlier than that, and more often than not it’s more of a question of finding what you’re truly interested in. The major, hopefully, should fall in line with that – but not always. Sometimes the major isn’t a perfect fit with what we’re interested in, but it’s possible to work around that. With this in mind, we asked the DOSCs how they found what they truly loved to do, and how it fits with their majors.

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