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Seniors – Don’t forget to fill out your degree application!

Hey seniors! Don’t forget to fill out your degree application if you plan on graduating in the winter or spring. The deadline is Feb. 10. The application itself takes a total of 30 seconds to fill out, so head on over to Banner Student and get it done!

– Angy


MCATs Update for 2015

Hey all you ’15s who are thinking pre-health, as you may or may not know, the MCATs are changing pretty significantly for 2015 (for example, adding a section about social science and another on critical reasoning), for which you should start planning now in your course selection, D-Plan, etc. There was an event this past Tuesday on the major changes to the MCAT, but for those of you who missed it (or just need a reminder), check out this link for the official updates, a podcast of the Tuesday event, and more.

– Angy

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